June 22, 2011

Zucchini Hummus

My CSA bucket was a plenty with zucchini. We like zucchini roasted. I've had success sneaking zucchini in brownies and we absolutely love zucchini in baked goods... Muffins, bread... Yummo!

I could have always gone with my same-o, same-o, but I wanted to do something different so I did some searches and came across zucchini hummus. Oh my yum!

And super easy too!

Just throw zucchini (peeled, trimmed and roughly chopped), tahini (which is next to the peanut butter, don't count on the random grocery worker to know that), a bit of lemon juice, some salt, pepper and a whole load of garlic in the food processor and you're done.

Serve with chips, or carrot sticks.

Did I say oh my yum?

I did?


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