July 20, 2011

Summer Schoolin'

We've tried to take this summer slow.  I've got a list of "school" things that I want to accomplish, but it's not long.  I recently looked at our state's prekinder guidelines, and the boys are already ahead of where they need to be.  I'm still researching curriculum for the fall, but am certain Stone will move into a Kindergarten curriculum, even though he's still pre-school aged (birthday Sept. 2).  

So, you'll see a lot less of our Learning and Lesson Plans this summer and a lot more of us learning through play!

I have to admit that I NEVER would have believed last year that all of my kids would be proficient in the water this year.  We still wear our floaties, but I don't have to be right by them in the pool.  Can you say lifechanging?  We purchased a city pool pass and have already gotten our money's worth this summer!

Of course, there are still workbooks, so skills have to  be learned that way!  Fortunately I have very eager learners, and a collection of really fun workbooks!

Stone started Hooked on Phonics this summer.  We were given this curriculum as a hand-me-down and I have to tell you that it's worked SO well for him!  This is the only structured element of our summer fun... we'll    see where it takes us in the fall!

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