July 13, 2011

What's Going On?

"Oh, not much..."

- We're putting our house on the market, so there have been people in and out all week.
- I'm still talking to insurance adjusters on an almost daily basis due to our car accident on June 20.
- The handy man is fixing a few things today and tomorrow. We all know how much I love dust and disorder.
- Cash just dumped brownie mix in my pantry floor. His new favorite word is doggoneit. He says it a lot.
- I really think Holden has lost all ability to hear, he's totally awesome at ignoring me.
- Stone doesn't like disorder either and really doesn't like the new paint color in his room, which somehow prevents him from sleeping late. I don't get it either.
- Heath quit his job today!
- We're moving to a small town!
- I've been stress eating and not following my dietary guidelines. This makes me sleepy and needs to stop.
- I'm currently working off three to-do lists and my inbox is overflowing.
- I'm overly concerned about who I'm going to borrow sugar from when we move.

"How have you been?"

I love my crazy life. I love where it's going and the possibilities it holds. I love my crazy husband and kids and all that God has blessed me with!

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