July 06, 2011

"I'm gettin' SO big, mommy!"

If you ask this little guy how old he is, he'll promptly answer:


He tries so hard to keep up with his big brothers and (much to my dismay) usually succeeds!

He's tenacious, hard headed, fearless, and adventurous. He's too smart for his own good and remembers every single thing he hears and sees, yet maintains the uncanny ability to not hear a word you say.

He's got a lot of both of us in him.

He's obsessed with anything he can steer, thus his age of "sixty-teen," for he knows that is driving age.

He's so excited to get older, and I cry just thinking about.


We're away right now. We needed it. The kids are getting back to nature (and playing with all of their Pop's motorized toys) and Heath and I are spending some quality time talking about future plans and goals for our family. We feel God's nudge and we're working together to make sure we are faithful in our answer. I think it's going to be exciting, scary and wonderful. Stay tuned!

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