August 06, 2011

The New House

We're renting our new house.  We've never rented a house before, so this is totally new territory for us.  I think, however, that we're going to like it.  We're downsizing quite a bit to what we really need (read: Yipee!  Less to clean!) and we're getting some extra outdoor space for the kids.  We don't quite know where we'll wind up in this area, and we're looking to build in a few years, so this house will give us some time to sort it all out until then. 

So here's a little tour.  The house is old, with original hardwoods throughout.  Again, we're renting, so not tearing things apart to rebuild is going to make me a little antsy, but I am excited about having to be creative.  I'm a builder's daughter, so "Hey, why don't we move that wall?" doesn't sound like that big of an undertaking to me.  Remember this?

Here's the new kitchen.  For an older house, this is a ton of cabinet space!  Yes, yes, the counters are pink, but some new light fixtures, knobs, rugs and some paint can go along way.  We're also putting a white fridge in there.

This is the only full bath in the house.  Again, it has some good storage and is quite large.  The tile is good and clean.  I'm planning new knobs, new window treatments and the removal of that weird light fixture.

This will be the boys' room.  It's HUGE!  So, so much bigger than their room now.  It's painted purple with dark purple trim (lovely, no?)  Heath has already started in on painting this room and putting some Kiels on the moldings.  This room has brand new carpet, with hardwoods underneath.  The hardwoods need to be refinished (per the owner), but we thought the carpet might make for some good rowdy play for the boys.  The '80s light fixture is going and we're painting it green to match their curtains and bedding.

This is our room.  Like the lilac walls?  (are you sensing a trend?)  It has a super tiny 1/2 bath off the side.  I don't know how much we'll use it, but all the fixtures are brand spanking new.  Heath has already painted this room yellow and switched out the light fixture.

Another big bedroom.  This will be our office/schoolroom/playroom.  It's the second largest of the bedrooms and closest to the main living space.  We'll change out the light fixture here.  I'd like to paint as well, but that isn't in the immediate plan.  I already have some awesome curtains picked out for this room that will add a lot of color!

This is the living room.  It's got some great space.  The front door is right off to the left of this picture.  He has painted the room grey.  It already looks great!  I have some great curtains and a good furniture layout in my mind.  I think it's going to be awesome!

Another view of the living room, with a peek into the dining room.  I have a new light fixture for the dining room and the grey continues throughout the living space.  The door in this picture goes to the garage and there is another large window overlooking the back yard that you can't see from this photo.

And this, my dear friends, just about made me do a happy dance!  It's a pantry!  A super, duper large pantry!  Oh, glory!

Isn't it cute?  I can't wait to get to the after and show you some pictures!  I love the style and age of this house!  

Stay tuned!

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