August 05, 2011

Stuck in the Middle

Lately I've been feeling really stuck in the middle.  We have our new house in the new, small town, but we're not living in it yet.  We have our old house in the big city, and it's holding our stuff hostage.  I really didn't want to move the furniture out of our old house until it sold.  I knew it would sell better with our stuff in it, but that left us a little homeless.  Heath's already working in our new small town and we need to be near him.

Need isn't a drastic word in this case, it's the truth.  We tried not being together as a family last week and that resulted in a lot of tears. (Although Heath got a ton of stuff done at the new house while we are gone and it's looking great!)

Right now, no one is really out looking at houses in our area.  Most likely because it's 110 degrees outside.  I don't blame them!

So, I presented my case to our Realtor.  A Realtor we've used for every home purchase and sell we've had in our almost decade of life together.  I expected some pushback, I had prepared myself for it.  Instead I got none.... I think she saw how close I was to a breakdown!

We're moving our stuff out on Friday!

I'm so excited to get into the new house, yet I'm so sad to be leaving our old house behind.  See? Stuck.

But I know that I can't keep one foot in both places.  We need to live and fully embrace our new small town and I'm excited about doing it.  So, I guess, here we go!

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