October 18, 2011

Do you know where your food comes from?

We try to eat as locally as possible. Our CSA, freshly laid eggs, local honey and raw milk are a huge part of that. Since making this effort about a year ago, we've noticed huge changes in the boys' immune systems and their responses to seasonal allergies.

Now, I understand that speaking the words "raw milk" in a crowded place is akin to yelling "riot," so I want you to know that I'm not looking for an argument. This is just what works for our family and something we feel strongly about.

Aside from the nutritional benefits of raw milk, the way we get our milk offers a lot of educational benefit too. My kids love going to the farm to get milk, feed the cows and see how they are milked.

To learn more about our milk (it comes from Jersey cows and is the highest fat content that you can get, great for growing little brains) you can visit here. This is the farm where we get our yummy milk, and the owners are amazing, friendly and always available.

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