October 11, 2011

State Fair 2011

We headed down this weekend for our yearly trek to the great State Fair of Texas. It rained on us a bit, which was a huge welcome sight in drought-ridden Texas. The rain was actually nice because it kept a lot of people away from the fair and made for some short lines for us!

This was the first year (see our past visits to the fair here) that the boys were big enough to ride the rides and boy did they love it! But, most of the kiddie rides were $3 per kid a pop, so we didn't stick around that area too long!

The boys love checking out all of the new cars in the expo and could spend hours opening doors, pressing buttons and pretending to drive. God bless the smart person who decided it was a great ideas to disconnect all the car horns. That would have been a big problem!

While we were in the car expo we ran into a bit of a scare. My mom and I thought Stone was with Heath and my dad exploring, they thought he was with us. He had actually wandered off. I found him shortly after... With a police man. He'd gone to ask for help! While, of course, I'm sad that we lost track of him for a bit, I'm so proud to know that he knows just what to do!

After we got everyone regrouped and together, my mom and I headed into the home of the future. We didn't find too many futuristic elements (my dad's a builder so we have access to some things before others) and I didn't love the floorplan, I did absolutely fall in love with the outside of the home. This is exactly what we want to build!

The siding and finish-out were great. I'd change the colors (red and dark beige thankyouverymuch) but the metal roof, big porch, columns and stacked stone bottom were a perfect combo! It's fun to start thinking of our future home and collecting pictures and ideas, even if we are 2-3 years from building.

So, State Fair 2011=success and a whole lot of fun!

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