December 06, 2011


Little hands love to make things, so I enlisted the help of the eight little hands at my house to help decorate my tree.

In years past, my tree has been covered with ornaments, many of which are breakable and quite expensive. When Heath and I first got married, I never pictured anything other than a pristinely decorated tree. Now that my life is different, now that many small hands have blessed my life, I have the hindsight to see how silly those decorated frills were.

We do traditional Jesse Tree ornaments on our tree, and I wanted these 25 ornaments to be the centerpiece of the tree. But the tree with just these ornaments looked a little bare. Enter my many small hands... Many small hands that are much happier when kept busy!

Using easy to find ingredients (these aren't going to be eaten, so HFCS applesauce and un-organic cinnamon are fine in this application) we whipped up some good-smelling ornaments to give our tree a finished look.

We rolled it all out...

Cut it up (yes, he's wearing just a diaper in the middle of winter... This kid's hot natured!)...

Acted cute...

And rolled some more!

We spent an entire rainy afternoon rolling and cutting, and, just as a cold front was blowing in, we heated our house with the oven by baking on low for two hours.

It smelled so good! And the scent lingers in the ornaments. I love getting a little whiff every time I walk by my beautiful, (now) full tree.

I think this tree is by far the prettiest we've ever had and the kids take such pride in it!

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