December 01, 2011

Wake up Baby Jesus

We have several nativity sets, all of which are safe for the kids to handle, but two that were made specifically for kids. I strongly believe that kids learn best through "doing" so we spend a lot of time during this season acting out the story of Jesus' birth.

The boys know the story by heart. They love knocking and saying, "no room!" Last year the big game was taking turns pretending to be Mary (or married), this year it's taking turns trying to wake baby Jesus up.

The name of the game is "Wake Up Baby Jesus!" I'm sure you can guess how to play, but just in case I'll let you in on the one rule of the game... Yell "wake up baaaaby Jesus" as loud as you can while playing with your nativity set. The more players you have, the more fun it is because loudness=fun.

Until the invention of the game, I never realized that baby Jesus is almost always sleeping in a traditional nativity. It makes since, just never thought about it until my smarty-pants kids brought it to my attention.

So, now you have a new game to celebrate this season. Play often, play loudly and don't even think about blaming me when you have a raging headache!
For lots of other great ideas on how we celebrate Advent, just click here. I promise none of them involve yelling! I've compiled lots of great resources over the years and I'm thrilled to share them with you and hear your ideas too! I've linked this post up with Let's Hear It for the Boys...

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