December 15, 2011

So... they went on a camp!

I was so excited to join Heath's mom and sister last Saturday to go shopping for wedding dresses. My aunt made my dress, so I never tried a lot on before my wedding.  I actually never tried any on.  Looking back, I'm even more amazed at the awesome-ness of my aunt and her ability to make my dress.  I sent her two pictures, one of the front, one of the back, and she went to work.  And what she created was gorgeous and very much what I wanted!  It even had my new name embroidered inside in blue.  Such a special touch!

Going with Heath's little sister was super special and it was so fun to have a "girl day!" The boys didn't join us in the fun... they had "boy day" plans of their own... Daddy always comes up with fun activities when he gets one-on-one time with his boys.  So...they went on a camp!

The boys current favorite book is Curious George Goes Camping, and they were ready to try out their skills.       They didn't spend the night, but they did everything else.  And these little guys are still talking daily about the fun they had!

My boys are so blessed to have a father that absolutely loves to spend time with them.  They could spend hours throwing rocks into a creek and watching their daddy skip them to perfection.


And they did spend hours gathering up sticks for a fire... or at least that's the report that I got.

While it was fun to have some girl time, these videos Heath shot made me think I missed out on a lot of fun!

I'd share pictures with you of our girl  time, but A) that would ruin Brandi's big surprise reveal and B) apparently it's darn near illegal to take a photo of a dress that you haven't yet purchased.  Who knew?  I  may have done it anyway though, when the sales lady left the room to grab a veil... you'll never know!

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