December 19, 2011

This week...

It rained. A lot.

We made loads of cookies.

We might have stayed in our jammies and eaten popcorn for lunch. Okay, we did. And we did it twice!

While the kids lounged, I tore the house apart organizing. This would be one of my donate piles.

As of this week, Bryson isn't stating with us anymore, so I cleaned out the boys closets and packed some stuff away. This is the pile of clothes that don't fit anyone right now. Holden is still in 2t and Stone and Cash both wear 5t. That's lots of clothes in storage!

And I finally reclaimed drawers in the kids craft area. We'd been shoving stuff in there for a while and it had gotten way out of hand. I've got it all organized now, and man, it feels good!

To celebrate, we baked some more cookies and made a mess again, but it's no biggie... Because we're organized underneath!

As a mom of lots of littles, organization is the best gift I can give myself. To see some organizational tricks that have helped us along the way, just click here!

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