September 29, 2006

We're getting closer!

Heath and I just got word today that our paperwork is all approved and that we have been passed along to our social worker. This is an amazing step in the right direction! From here, our social worker (also called a case worker) will schedule our home study and interview and then we'll go on the listing and be what is called officially waiting. From the time the home study is scheduled, completed and approved, it will probably be a month or two. My birthday is about a month away now, so I'm hoping to know something by then - what an amazing birthday present!

On a bit of a bad news front, we also found out today that my second job with Super Suppers is no more. The Super Suppers Plano and Carrollton locations are closing due to a slower client base and competition from others. We're bummed because this was a great extra way to get some money while still giving us time together. Anybody need a babysitter? :)


Mrs. Bick said...

What a bummer on the Super Suppers job. We were just talking about that last weekend.

BUT on the adoption front! Whew! Exciting! Let us know if you need anything... we know just what it is like to be bringing a new baby into the family!

kirsten smith said...

yes! i need a babysitter!! too bad we live in ohio! i got your email. thanks for contacting me. i am here, and my husband is as well, if you have any questions/concerns. you have started on an amazing journey!