October 05, 2006

Baby Classes

Now that I have the hang of this I'm probably going to drive you guys crazy! I finally found a wonderful place that will allow us to take classes to meet the requirements for Gladney. I called both hospitals in Plano and both of the educators I reached there were a tad rude and said that we couldn't take classes there because we were not having a baby in their facility. We won't know where the baby will be born, so that makes this a bit difficult, but I would think that the fact that I use a OB/GYN in the hospital and that the family care/pedi that we have chosen is affiliated with their hospital would mean that we were using enough of their services to count. But, I thought wrong and they turned me down. I mentioned this yesterday to our caseworker and she suggested that I call Richardson Regional and I can't tell you how WONDERFUL they were to deal with. They were so excited for us about the adoption and signed us up right away. Even snuck us into an earlier class so we could get it all over with, just in case a placement were to come quickly. So, we're all signed up - Infant Safety and CPR class is on November 7th and a Baby Basics class on December 2nd. From here we'll probably have to do a few more classes, it's all dependent on how long the placement takes. So, if anyone sees any good classes or took any good classes (with Red Cross, Babies R Us, etc.) please let us know. We'll be looking for some good ones!


kirsten smith said...

isn't God amazing when we are faithful to His calling?!? this is very exciting!

jenidipndots said...

That's so fantastic to hear about my city hospital! God has brought wonderful doctors/nurses, etc. at that hospital over the years to my family. Yea God for opening those doors for you. I'm so excited for y'all. :)