February 18, 2008

Who knew that rock eating could bring new friends together?

It's cold here now, but earlier this month we experienced some unseasonably warm weather for February. These days were spent at the park - every minute we could! Ethan-Stone loves the park and with it being just a short walk from our house, it's an easy request for us to accomodate.

On one particularly beautiful day, we walked down to the park and met a new neighborhood friend! James is exactly a year-old and he and E had a blast playing together - and eating rocks while parents yelled no and practiced finger swipe actions. We exchanged numbers and James' parents invited us over for dinner on Saturday. We had so much fun and feel so fortunate to know even MORE people in our neighborhood!

Heath and I swear up and down that we'll never move unless all of the neighbors do. And, if we all do, I hope we're moving somewhere together. I can't imagine life without someone right down the street (in our case several someones) who would help with our child in an instant, who would cry on the phone or in-person with me, who invite me to dinner just when I run out of groceries and who can come by any time and it doesn't matter if I vacuumed.

Entering our neighborhood, to me, is like entering a safety net. It's a pretty neighborhood, but that really has nothing to do with it. It's the people. So here's to the people in my neighborhood - both new and old - who make my life easier, and are sometimes the only things that allow me to make it through!

*** Speaking of wonderful people in my neighborhood - big thank you to neighbor Amanda who provided the pic - she has two kids and somehow still remembers her camera - boy do I have a lot to learn!

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