May 08, 2008

Doctor Update

I just returned from the doctor and all is looking good. Number two is measuring in right at 26 weeks, so we're happy and healthy. I got to hear his little heartbeat, which is always a ton of fun and she measured my belly for the first time.

I did have to wait quite a while to see the doc for the short visit, as someone had the bright idea to go into labor right as my appointment was starting. How dare them? And at an OB/GYN office no less!

I waited an hour, but was completely content to sit in a quiet room and read backlogs of magazines. When else would I get to do that without feeling completely guilty?

Shutterfly update: Thanks to those who let me know the "new" way to upload photos. Not only is it SO much faster, it's a ton easier! New photos are up at the password is ethan-stone, with the hyphen and all lowercase. Enjoy... I mean how could you not enjoy? He is the cutest kid on the planet!

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