June 06, 2008

My little eater!

My good friend Amy came over with her daughter yesterday. Elizabeth is slightly older than E. Stone and so Amy and I were discussing the many changes that happen as our children hit the "2" mark. One that she mentioned (on top of reduced naps and tantrums) was a decrease in appetite. Well, E. Stone must have heard and told me in full force today that his appetite will not be decreasing any time soon. In fact, I had to call Heath and check on the possibility of him getting a second job so the adults in our house will have something to eat as well!

Here's the menu so far today:

Large banana and 1/2 piece of friendship bread (pretty normal)

1/2 cup of dried papaya with milk

Probably a full cup of noodles from left over Spaghetti Carbonarra and an entire apple (WOW)

Fruit/cereal yogurt with milk

At lunch, I kept asking him if he was finished and he would say "all done," then I'd take his plate away and he'd shake his head no and say "EAT!" It took us about 45 minutes to eat lunch, but goodness the boy was going to take it all down!

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ASC said...

I am sure those apples tasted extra good after getting so much "E love" all over them during our visit! E did eat a huge bowl of egg and pasta fritata tonight...you just never know! :-)