September 21, 2009

Enough about me... what about you?

I recently started tracking hits to my site, mostly because I was curious. It was interesting and eye opening... you guys come from all over. Really, will the person from Qatar please stand up?

I love blogging and it is my hope and prayer that somehow something I say can help someone. It might be something specific to the foster-to-adopt process or a tidbit on how I (not so effectively sometimes) parent a child with PDD-NOS. I know some people are interested in our "hippy diet," and still others just want to know what a house with three boys aged three and under looks like (it's not messy, because I'm a bit of a neat freak). Regardless of why you're here, or how you got here, I'm glad that you can be a little part of our lives.

As I sit here, type, listen to babies sleep on the monitor and stuff my face with veggie chips and hummus whilst drinking a Dr. Pepper (did I mention I'm not perfect), its hard not to look back in utter amazement at the way my life has changed in the past two-and-a-half years. We gained three kids in 18 months, have learned to be advocates for kids in foster care and have navigated the tricky and bumpy terrain that comes with having a child with special needs. We were, in all honesty, prepared for none of this, but God has provided for us through all of it.

Our support system is amazing... friends, family, random strangers. Since I'm a bit outspoken (maybe, a lot, I'll let you be the judge), I've had the opportunity to witness other families as they are built through adoption. There is a bond between families that are built through adoption, there is an even stronger bond between families who have been built through foster care. It's not a pretty journey, but the end result is a dream that I never thought I would realize.

And, I'm the fortunate one. The one who gets to live this snotty nosed, spitty, poopy adventure everyday, and I couldn't think of anything better. I'm right where I'm supposed to be, and I pray that you are too. I pray that our story can be a blessing to you!

So, enough about me (and "us" by default), what about you? Leave me a message in the comments and let me know:
1- How you got here
2- What you want to hear about, and
3- Your favorite part about this blog.

What's in it for you? I'm so glad you asked! In honor of my totally rocking new blog design, I'm hosting my very first give-away! Wanna win? Leave a comment* using the outline above and we'll do a random drawing to get the winner. Comments will be closed on Sunday, Sept. 27 and the winner will be drawn on Monday the 28th.  For two chances to win, mention my blog give-away on your blog with a link and we'll put your name in to win twice... just be sure to let me know in the comments.

Up for grabs is a pair of BabyLegs. Now your child can be a rock star like Holden.

* Anyone can win (yes, mom that includes you), you don't have to be a first time commenter and nepotism isn't an issue. Comments posted on Facebook don't count.  Head on over to to get the full story.  Good luck!


Jody B. said...

1- We reconnected on Facebook 10 years post High School, and I clicked on your link there.

2- I want to hear about everything challenging, or funny that having three young boys throws at you and how you deal with it. I want to hear about the rewards you reap from these challenges, and the adventures of every day!

3-I love your new "What I am Currently Cleaning Up" feature, and pretty much anything I can relate to as a parent of similar aged children.

jen said...

1. You guys used to be in our sunday school class. We do miss you!

2. I like to hear about what y'all are up to, where you have been lately, you know the normals.

3. Pictures! That plus remembering how we talked and had our adoption, miscarriage and infertility support group. I miss that group!

AJH said...

1 ~ I think you actually found my blog and left a comment first!

2 ~ With having kids so close together it is always fun to see what you are up to in the every day nitty gritty since I have kids similar in age!

3 ~ I like your story! And your not me Monday!

Jeff and Heather said...

1- I was fortunate enough to get to meet you guys in Sunday school. We didn't have enough time to really get to know you so I started reading your blog!

2- What don't I love to read about? I love the pictures, the stories, your awesome ideas and your willingness to share your story with the rest of us. Oh, and the new look is GORGEOUS!!!

3- I love the whole thing! We have two that are only a year apart and while I know that's not as hectic or challenging as three under 3, it's nice to see someone handling the chaos that comes with parenting with the grace and humor that you do. You have taught me so much, made me laugh out loud, and have me eager for more! When you guys took a break during Lent I kept checking for updates.....just in case. See how addictive you are?!! Thanks to all of you and keep those posts a comin'!!

Kylee said...

I LOVE the new layout. SO, so cute!!

1. Well, I had the honor of loving on your little Cash for about a month...and then we he went home to your house...i moved to your blog! : )

2. I love hearing about your journey to adoption, what God is teaching you along the way, and how your boys are growing and progressing.

3. Picutures, pictures, pictures of three precious little boys!

Oh, and btw, I really have no child (or foster siblings...sigh) to give those leggins to. Just thought it would be fun to leave a comment.

Bets said...

1. Waldy cabin mates a million years ago ... and then I found you on FB. Isn't Facebook great?!?!?

2. I'd love to hear more of your cooking tips (I've yet to fully embrace my crock-pot) and maybe organization tips. If you can do it with those little ones, surely I can do it with just myself & my schnoodle! :)

3. Love the pictures! You two are so blessed & you are an amazing inspiration to all kinds of families!

Anna said...

Hahaha, Nepotism isn't an issue. That made me laugh.

1- How you got here: it was more reliable to read your blog than trust Charlie's relay of Heath's updates about what's going on (when we worked together.) Plus - we don't get to hang out much IRL, so it's good to stay in touch!
2- What you want to hear about: I love it all! Funny anecdotes, faith journeys, parenting pitfalls and victories.
3- Your favorite part about this blog: Keeping up with what's going on in your life.

And my little one TOTALLY needs some "baby legs." :)

QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

How I got here??? Hmmm. Not sure. I remember that E Stone was already with you (he was maybe 8 months) and GORGEOUS!!! Maybe I linked from another blog?!?!

I LOVE hearing about your every day life. I live vicariously through you hearing all about 'boy' stuff while we wait to adopt through foster care.

My favorite part of this blog is the friendship that I have amazingly formed with the author. :) God is good that way. (Oh, and the ADORABLE pictures of those brothers) :)

I'm NOT in Qatar :)

Allison said...

1- I think I found your blog when we first started the foster to adopt process about a year ago.Pretty sure I found you in a google search.
2- I like hearing about everything! I read about your life and see so much of myself and my life.
3- I love the new messes sidebar, pretty funny and I so relate.

Aunty Jill said...

I love your blog...found it on your business card.

I want to hear about your cooking (recipes please!), the messes, homemade solutions to cleaning supplies and how to raise a boy! My Holden is the only boy in a LONG line of girls. Help a sista out!

I like the color scheme and your honest, hopeful writing style.

Laure D. said...

You guys used to be in our sunday school class. I always had so much fun hanging out with you guys in and out of class. I love your blog. You inspire me to handle my challenges with the grace you have. I also love the recipes.
It makes my heart sing that God had blessed you with the boys. I remember when it was just you and Heath praying for a child. God heard your prayers and now your cup runeth over:)

Reagan said...

1. we met at Waldemar, i think when we were 11. How I got here via a sticker on your christmas card many years ago!

2. I love hearing about your life in general... so different from mine! Plus everything going on with the boys!

3. My favorite part of your blog is the pictures of the boys! They are growing so Fast!!

Laura said...

1- Through Totally Tots
2- I would love to read more about your foster-to-adopt journey, as we're planning to also adopt a child through the foster care system.
3- Love the pictures :)

candicehale said...

1. I am married to your sisters husbands brother. We have spent a couple of 4th of Julys together and you helped my daughter be a great flower girl. :)
2- Living green and organic.
3- I like your not me Monday, pictures and adoption updates.

Amanda said...

1. I found your link on Totally Tots.

2. This is my first visit to your site. After reading your family story, I realized I can relate in many ways. Though I've never been through the foster process, God melded our family together in a unique way. After a devastating miscarriage, God worked miracles blessing us with the adoption of our son (it was a family adoption and he himself has some similarities to PDD) just a few months before I gave birth to our daughter. I would love to hear how God continues to work in your lives...and recipes for that hummus.

3. Pictures! I am terrible about getting pics up on my blog...but I love to peek at others.

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

I found you through Totallt Tots. I'm from Ontario Canada and love to connect with other moms online since in real-life I am a home-body (mostly).

I love to read about recipes, craft ideas, what works for other mommies when it comes to littles etc.

And I love the colors of your blog!

Anonymous said...

1. Got here b/c of Jody B.'s blog (through facebook)
2. I would like to know/read about your (and your husbands) reactions when you found out about and/or met each of your boys and more tips on frugal living...and recipes! I’d also like to know what was the hardest part of the adoption process for you both...or any tips for people that are thinking about it.
3. LOVE the 'messes I'm cleaning now'