September 18, 2009

Wanna be a product tester?

I'm one of those people who LOVE to try new products, but I hate paying for them because, let's be honest, how are you supposed to know if you'll like them or not? My recent case-in-point, Secret Clinical Strength Deodrant. As you know, I've been walking Stone to school pretty much every day. What you don't know? I sweat - a lot - and it doesn't smell too pretty!

I've noticed this product on the shelf and always wanted to try it, but it costs triple what normal deoderant does, so I always hesitated. But hesitate no longer! I joined a great group called Vocalpoint, which sends me new products to try under the condition that I perform a short review of each product on their site. I get all sorts of great stuff and the surveys are super short and well worth the effort.

There are also lots of places you can go online to sign up for free stuff. One that I know and trust is here (there is also a banner ad at the bottom of the blog), but there are many others. These typically take a bit longer to complete and send you one bulk shipment depending on the boxes you checked. Worth the effort in my opinion!

And while we're on the subject of trying new things, what do you think of this amazing new layout? We're still working on tweaking a few things and I'm setting the personal goal to go through and categorize things a bit better so you can find old posts, but how lovely is this? The designer I worked with was amazing and does all sorts of cool layouts - blogs, wedding invitations, web sites, you name it!

As soon as everything is up and going, I will host my very first give-away as a re-launch celebration. I know you want to win, so check back often, there will be a quiz!


Anna said...

Interesting... I like new products! But I'm always SUPER skeptical about stuff that "seems too good to be true" so I'm glad you've tried it out! Also, I'm very glad all of your children still have 5 fingers!

QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

LOVE the new blog Brit! Product testing would go over well here since I'll try anything...ONCE! I'll look into it and let you know :)

TeamBortzfield said...

love the new layout!

jmoss647 said...

Love the new Layout and I love that my little Jolie got a picture on it too! She is such a star!! :)