September 22, 2009

Messes I'm cleaning... the extended edition

I'm a neat-nick, certifiable.  Most of the time, my beautiful children go along with my neat-nick ways, but sometimes there is a touch of mutiny on our tight ship.

One such incident happened recently when I was bold enough to go to the bathroom by myself while the kids played like little angels in the living room (don't tell me you're not guilty of this one).  I returned to find this in the powder room:

And there was this too:

So, I guess I need to invest in adult diapers since, apparently, using the toliet is totally out of the question!

The next time your kids leave a mess, make sure they look cute doing it (and take a picture to share)!  There is still time to enter the give-away!

And, if you need even more proof that my house is crazy, check my sidebar often for the "Messes I'm Cleaning" feature.


Anna said...

Uh oh! Is the cell phone still working?

Christie Schoonover said...

I hope that was a 'play' cell phone! I just love your blog! You are such a great story teller!!! These moments typically make moms want to tear their hair out, but you always find the humor. :-) I feel good knowing that I am not alone with my household 'incidents'. its always funny when its not yours though. hummm......