December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Family

While we don't typically include a box of tampons and Marlboro Lights in our Christmas festivities, we do have several things that make our family's traditions solid. This year was, however, a little different than most. No tree, no lights and no stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Due to a planned home remodel, we hit the road, splitting time between the lake house and the grandparents houses to get away from the chaos that ensues when walls are torn down and new floors are added throughout an entire house. We can't wait for it to all be finished, and we're getting pretty close to the big reveal. You see, when Heath and I bought this home, we never envisioned ourselves with three boys. Since God did, and was kind enough to bring each one home to us, we needed to make our house more functional for our larger family. This should do it!

But, even with torn down walls and missing floors, we still had the Christmas spirit. The boys received two new nativity scenes and had a ton of fun playing with them! It's such a special way to talk about the Christmas story - the characters really help to keep their attention.

We went to see Santa, and ALL got our photo taken with him. This Santa was a part of a Breakfast with Santa that we have done for the last two years. The Collin County Advocacy Center puts on the show and the Santa is amazing with the kids, especially considering the fact that many of the children are having trouble dealing with their new surroundings.

The boys were totally into opening presents this Christmas. They didn't care at all what was in them, the gift was the act of opening them. They opened theirs, ours, everyone's...
We had a bit of a scare post-Christmas that resulted in an ER trip for littlest. We've met with some doctors and determined that he suffered a febrile seizure. We're glad it's over and hopeful there will be no more!

I promise photos are to come and updates are to be more plentiful. My computer has been in storage of sorts to escape the dust and debris of the remodel, but it's out now and ready to be put to use!


Anna said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! Can't wait to see pictures of your little men at Christmas. :) I hate hearing about the febrile seizures. A friend of mine has a daughter who suffers from them with enough frequency that they don't rush her to the doc anymore. Scary! But it's a blessing to know what the cause is and that it's not as dangerous as it seems. Happy New Year, Chambers!

Tammy Stone said...

Poor Holden! Glad he is okay now. I know it is very scary, Ty had one when I was keeping him one day when he was little.
I really enjoyed spending Christmas Eve at Daddy's ( Papaw) with ya'll. I loved the gift you gave me.
I love ya'll all very much!
Aunt Tammy

Kylee said...

Glad to read an update...I've missed your blog! I'll be anxiously awaiting pictures once everything "settles down". (do things ever really settle down for a mom with three young boys?!)

Happy new year!