February 16, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

We talked a lot about love in Tot School this week and what it means to love others, sometimes when we don't even know them!

We had an incident in our neighborhood over the week where someone was injured in an accident.  There were news helicopters flying over our house and firemen working around-the-clock to rescue the man.  The news vans stayed on long after to report for the later news, after they had been there all day.  We used this opportunity to show love by taking them snacks and drinks and fulfilling a need that they couldn't.  I think they were a little confused, isn't that sad that acts of love are overanalyzed?  (disclaimer: we did try to take them to the  firemen as well, but we would have been in the way, so we just gave everything to the newsguys)

We used our felt boards to talk about sharing with others and acts of kindness/love.  We also talked a lot about God's love for us and how he calls us to love others.

Stone worked hard to create Valentines for his class.  We talked about each person we were making them for and what we liked best about them.  He is such a sweet soul and really loves others!

He and daddy also made a mailbox for him to collect Valentines at his class party.  I'm so glad daddy is creative, I never could have made something so cool out of a fruit snack box!

Stone didn't forget his teachers, he lovingly  stuffed Starbucks cards into handmade Valentines for each teacher and aide.  He loves talking about his teachers and all he has learned in the two programs he attends.  When he was finished stuffing, he moved on to licking and sealing the envelopes - very tricky!

When we were snowed in, the boys shared tea and kisses with the neighbors.  These kid-os love each other so much and this sweet family is the epitome of neighborly love.  I can't image life without them!

Holden was even loving enough to share his love pancakes with the girls - this is a big act of love for a pancake king like Holden!

Here's our Valentine's breakfast, heart-shaped love French toast!

As you can see, it was a pretty lax Tot School week.  Cash  starts a new speech therapy program this week and I really just spent it as my last week to love on my boys before he heads to school.  He's so excited because he gets to wear a backpack just like Stone!

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Aunty Jill said...

You and those little ones are so cute! Love the heart-shaped pancakes!

Uyen said...

First of all, I have to ask, is that paint in your beautiful plates?!? I never thought I would see that happen!

E.Stone is SOOO loving. I hope he had a great Valentine's Day with his classmates.

Tammy Stone said...

Great job on the Valentine's E. Stone!
Brit, you and Heath do an outstanding job on teaching and showing the boys how to love and treat people. Your example is the best lesson they can have. Please give Heath and the boys a hug for me. I love all of you very much!

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