June 21, 2010

Tot School Tuesday - Out and About

Sometimes Tot School is best done away from the house.  My kids really enjoy being out and about, and I am always thrilled to find new places for them to explore!

While on vacation, we stopped at the San Antonio Children's Museum.  This is a wonderful place for kids, especially smaller tots.  I highly recommend swinging by if you ever get the chance.

The museum offered lots of opportunities for role play, a skill that is of extreme importance to little ones who are trying to figure out how all of the world around them works.

The boys had a blast playing airport.  Cash sold some tickets... he cut us a good deal on family fares.

Then we all boarded the plane...

Cash is a very busy airport employee, he flies the planes too!

Holden handled air traffic control... this mamma was sure glad that we stayed firmly planted on the ground!

Our family also really enjoyed the grocery shopping section.  The boys were thrilled to push the little carts - and it gave me a great chance to talk with them about healthy foods and the food groups.

Cash likes to shop Super Market Sweep style...

Stone is a bit more picky with his selections...

Uh, oh!  Cart jacking on aisle four!  We need a security officer please!

One of the really unique features of this museum was the ball area... there were so many things to explore and lots of lessons on cause and effect.  The boys had a blast!

And, of course, the true test to the fun-ness of the day... total crashing in the backseat on the way home.  Score!


Anonymous said...

This is a total random question, but I saw in this post that you have the car seat we registered for, the Britax with the croc liner. Do you like it? Have you had any issues with it?

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...


We actually have four Britax seats and I LOVE them. I wouldn't buy anything else! We have a Roundabout, a Marathon, a Boulevard and a Frontier. I wouldn't purchase a Roundabout, just because they don't last as long, but all of the other seats are great!

Looks like your little guy might be too small for the Frontier, so I'd stick with the Marathon or Boulevard. Both are great!

Shoot me an e-mail if you have more questions!