December 29, 2010

Things I'm Reading

Just a little glimpse into what I'm reading when I'm not chasing littles!

The Mom's Guide to Aspergers Syndrome and Related Disorders - a very informative book written by a mom who's lived it
Top Reads - A post by Jessica that tells her favorite books from this year.  I've read a lot of these, and she mentions a few more that I would really like to add to my list for this year!
Whole Wheat Seed Crackers - A recipe from Weelicious that I am dying to try
Mali Likes Apps Too! - A look at some good apps for kids from Squidalicious.
How to Get a Kid with Autism that Wonderful iPad - Another Squidalicious post regarding resources available to those with special needs and how Apple has made their products "Autism friendly."
Merry Christmas to All... - A 1+1+1=1 link-up post to Christmas cards.  I LOVE getting Christmas cards and a lot of the people linked up here have become my online friends through the years.  So fun to see everyone's smiling faces!

So what are you reading?

1 comment:

Penelope said...

I'm reading Eat Pray Love - then The Girl That Played with Fire. Oh, and Setting Limits for the Strong-Willed Child by Robert Mackenzie.