December 29, 2010

Cookie Exchange

I love a good cookie exchange! I was a little unorganized this year and didn't plan a big ta-do, but we were able to sneak the fun into our recent neighbor dinner!

These pinwheels were so perfect and so pretty!

And these snowballs were yummy, but only one Weight Watchers point for three cookies! I've never really done Weight Watchers but have been assured this is really good.

Cookie exchanges are always so fun, but they're also pretty easy to set up for your friends to enjoy. I just set out trays of varying height and threw down a festive tablecloth to make it interesting. I also like using">printed labels so the table looks cohesive, but that's really as far as you need to go!

Two of my friends who joined the cookie exchange happened to be Jewish and had never participated in one before. I had no idea that a cookie exchange was a Christmas thing, but was thrilled to share the tradition!


Anna said...

I think a cookie exchange is a tradition that should cross all religious boundaries! yum.

Alexis said...

What is the recipie for the snowball cookies? My grandma is on weight watchers and would love a yummy treat like that!