February 15, 2011

Tot School Tuesday - Valentines

We're continuing our study of love this week, and we're having a ton of fun with all of our crafts!

We were stuck inside again for several days this week due to weather, so we did some impromptu baking.  We mixed up a cake and added some M&M's.

Then we gathered our decor... can you tell what we're spelling?  The boys loved these little hearts by Wilton.

My boys love baking and tasting.  There are SO many things to learn when baking with your kids.  If you're not already doing it, I urge you to start.  The memories are the best!

Our finished product!  Can you tell the boys are a bit proud of their handiwork?

We've had the book How to Build an A for quite a while.  Stone has always enjoyed it, but the little boys are starting to love it now too!  We worked on all of our letters with the book, but focused on the letter V... our letter of the week... V is for Valentines, after all!

 The boys have been very interested in mixing colors lately, so when I saw this post on Growing Up Our Style I knew we had to try it.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the kids actually playing with the ice... oops!

We used our Letter of the Week curriculum and worked through our letter V activities.  Stone is getting better and better at his copywork... look at that pencil grip!  Rockstar!

Stone used the letters from one of the activities and worked on sorting "big letters" and "little letters."  He did great!  I had to start grouping them for him toward the end, just because he was getting tired of sitting, but he has the concept down pat!

We made our valentines again this year.  The boys loved it, and this year the little boys were big enough to get in on the action!

Holden got a bit heavy with the paint, and he loved every minute of it!  I cut these up, added a sucker and a sticker and we were set to go!

Upon Holden's special request, we did one last baking activity for this week!  Heart shaped pizza!

Unfortunately, the whole pizza  came out looking more like a butterfly than a heart, but the boys had a lot of fun... and ate it up!

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What a lot of fun activities!