April 12, 2011

Learning and Lesson Plans

This week was chock-full of fun!  We've loved learning about spring, flowers and veggies!

My original lesson plan didn't include the reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but due to a caterpillar infestation at the neighbor's garden (more on this later), we added it in... I'm so glad we did.  Here's Cash pretending to be a caterpillar, wrapped up tight in a cocoon.

 Look... he emerges...
 A beautiful butterfly!
 Sweet Cash made this game up all on his own while I was doing laundry.  He and Holden played for hours and have continued to play it throughout the week.
 We cooked together a bunch this week too, which was a good segue into some of our later veggie vs. flower sorting.
 I'm so fortunate that my kids are good, healthy eaters.  Especially these too... Stone can be a bit pickier when it comes to certain textures.  We were making kale chips here, a big favorite around our house!
 All of our printables this week came from Homeschool Creation's Garden Preschool Pack - we'll be using them next week too.  They're super!
 Stone's writing skills are going from good to great.  I'm so proud of him, sticking with something that's hard isn't an easy task.
 Cash's writing skills are emerging quickly. We're still working on proper hand positioning, but he's three and  doing great!  One of the benefits of having an older brother is trickle down!
 We made a fun cut/tear flower craft. I modified it a bit so that everyone could participate, but all of the final products were perfect!
 Cash was the only one who stuck with the cutting all the way through...
 Stone started cutting, but went to ripping when his hands got tired... still very good fine motor activity!
 We stuck all of our little pieces down, added a leaf and stem and we had some gorgeous flowers!
 The boys learned all the parts of the flower, along with all of the things a plant needs to grow.  I so enjoy being the one teaching my kids.  They all did a great job with our space unit and I'm still seeing some trickle down of all of the things that they learned.  They've gone full-force with this spring unit, so I know I'll begin to see the same!
 On a whim I decided to use some sticky-note flowers we had on-hand to hide around the house and let the boys find them.  This was their favorite activity this week!
 This was our first time to use the beginning letter clip cards that are included in many of the units.  We did it all together, so Stone guided the little boys through the majority of it.  The boys all recognize upper case letters, but only Stone has the lower case and phonetic sounds down pat.  He worked out the beginning sound and then called out the letter so the little boys could help clip.  I love their teamwork!
 Sorting vegetables from flowers, which actually turned into sorting "things we can eat" and "things we just look at with their eyes."
 Another favorite activity...very similar to the flower sticky-note hiding was finding different veggies and putting them in a basket.  I think these boys just enjoy running around!
 We enjoyed a healthy flower snack.  My lesson plan included a cookie snack, but I forgot to make the dough and improvised.  Yum!
I was a bit bad with taking the camera along with me on outings, but we had a lot of fun outdoors taking nature walks, measuring how our garden has grown and observing caterpillars.  I promise I'll include more photos of that for next week.  You can find our lesson plan for next week here... you'll notice a lot of it is review and a continuance of the concepts that we started this week.

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