June 29, 2011


I grew up in a Christian household. I knew Bible stories and Sunday School songs, but a prayer life wasn't necessarily encouraged. It wasn't discouraged, but it wasn't modeled in the exact denomination I grew up in.

We prayed for people when they were sick, hurting or in need of help, but the concept of being in prayer for someone - serving as a prayer warrior - wasn't something I knew about until fairly recently.

It actually hit me in one of my first adult Bible studies. Heath and I had just gotten married and joined a church together. I joined a women's Bible study with a couple of girls from our class. A lady who I knew to have two young boys casually mentioned that she kept a prayer journal for her future daughters-in-law.

I was confused (my first thoughts actually had ideas of pre-arranged marriage in them) and luckily she blessed us by explaining more. She was not only praying daily over her sons, she was praying for two little girls that it would be decades before she even met. What a blessing of a mother AND mother-in-law!

Recently, I stumbled upon Brooke McGlothlin's blog. She's a mom of boys who wrote a book about praying over boys and specifically praying God's word over them. The book (actually an E-book) is wonderful.

And today, sweet Brooke is giving it away for free!

Will you join me in praying for your children? The gift of being prayed for through your life is great and the lessons it teaches your children, the paths it provides for them, has the potential to turn them into great warriors of God!

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