July 23, 2011

We're not taking it with us...

When we move we're going to a much smaller house.  It's a great house and really more the size that we'll need and use, but it's much smaller than this one.  It's also much older, which means a lot less storage space!

I've been weeding through some things and being ruthless with our donations.  One of the areas where I had a lot was kids toiletries: shampoos, washes, lotions, etc.  Over the years I've educated myself a lot more on the ingredients in these products and (suffice it to say) I'm not putting this stuff on my kids again.

Do you know what's in Johnson and Johnson products?  Scary stuff!  

Call me a crunchy, organic granola eating, earth loving wacko if you'd like, but I'm not taking this stuff with us!

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