February 01, 2015

Game Day Food - Sweet Fruit Dip

I had to ask Heath who was playing in the Super Bowl... Cash knew. I'm not the biggest football fan, I spent every fall growing up at the football field, but I'd be lying if I told you I understood the game.

Yes, I was a ditzy cheerleader. 

Now baseball I understand. Unfortunately, there are no cheerleaders in baseball. 

But, football does have some good food - and a snack supper is not something I'm apt to pass up! We were invited by some dear friends to a Super Bowl party at their home. The kids will play, the moms will talk and the dads will probably watch some football. Everyone is happy! 

My contribution to the fun is my yummy apple cider meatballs and an amazing fruit dip. The fruit dip is my mom's recipe. I'm not sure of the origins, but I am sure that is is really good. In my opinion, the fruit is optional... I could eat this stuff with a spoon and be fully satisfied. 

2 pints sour cream (4 cups)
8 oz brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg

Mix everything together and chill. 

I had to ask my mother for the actual recipe because I usually just eyeball and taste. In looking at the true recipe again, I go very heavy handed on the spices. 

I hope you are having a super day of fellowship! What are you eating to celebrate? 

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