February 02, 2015

Day in the Life

Five years, two kids and two houses ago, Dallas Child ran a Day in the Life feature on our family.  It was a fun endeavor!  The magazine recently contacted me about doing an update, but we don't live in their circulation area anymore... so, no go.

But, I still thought it might be fun to do a bit of sharing!

Our life has changed so much since then.  We live in a small town, walking to school would be a 15 mile journey, I have a beautiful little girl, I don't change diapers and we now play sports!

I don't think life has become any easier or harder, but it is very different - although, I apparently still wake up and go to bed at the same time! (and I definitely still have a caffeine addiction, despite many attempts at breaking it)

6 a.m. - alarm goes off and I head to take a bath and get dressed for the day
6:30 a.m. - Heath wakes up and gets the kids awake
7 a.m. - I'm dressed and ready to go and the kids are starting breakfast - from here they get dressed, do morning chores and get ready to start their school day
7:40 a.m. - leave for school
8 a.m. - drop kids off in carpool because they now refuse to let me walk them in.  I park and head into Anna's class to help the teacher get the day started by organizing lunch boxes and stapling papers
9 a.m. - head to Stone's class to help with running reports
11 a.m. - back home to do laundry, clean kitchen and wipe down all the bathrooms (daily task when you have three boys!)
noon - do a bit of blogging and answer comments over at A Fine Parent
1 p.m. - check in with a few clients on projects and send out a couple of invoices
2 p.m. - pack lunches for tomorrow and make dinner for tonight.  Staying one step ahead saves my life
3 p.m. - get kiddos from school..  It's a beautiful day, so we head to the park with some friends
5 p.m. - back home to do a bit of reading for homework
5:30 p.m. - Daddy is home and dinner is served.  We spend the rest of the evening playing a few games, finishing up art projects and getting wound down for baths and bed
7 p.m. - Daddy reads the kids stories (Harry Potter-book three is their current read-aloud) and I tidy up the kitchen, finish any laundry and set out clothes for tomorrow
7:40 p.m. - lights out for kids.  Heath and I spend the evening watching a show, making sure we are ready for tomorrow, and I may sneak in a bit of work
10 p.m. - I'm out!

Of course, every day is different.  I often help at my husband's store getting invoices entered or doing filing.  I'm also up at the school a lot to help with tutoring or to play the role of lunch lady.  There are also days I purposefully stay home to cook and clean.

In the Dallas Child article, they also listed an "All About Brit" section.  I thought it would be fun to answer these questions again as well:

What I'm Reading:  I love reading blogs... you can check my Things I'm Reading posts to see a few of my favorites.  I do my Bible reading through She Read's Truth, which is a great app for delving into different topics.  I'm not working on a specific book right now, but Heath and I did just finish listening to Gone Girl while on a road trip.  Spoiler:  CRAZY book!
Favorite Indulgences:  Kombucha - yum!  And a fair amount of dark chocolate
Can't Miss TV Show:  Parenthood all the way - I cried when it ended!  Heath and I also love Law and Order SVU and Chicago PD
Nicknames for Kids:  Collectively, snug-a-bug or babe... Stone:  Stoney Bones, Cash:  Rooney, Holden:  Holds, Anna:  Annie or Anna-Banana
Favorite Family Outing:  I love to hike and we happen to have a lot of great places around our home to do that!
Meal I'm Known For:  It's still Spaghetti Carbonara!
What's in My Handbag:  I actually don't carry one anymore - wow!

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