February 04, 2015

God's Plans are Bigger

I never thought she would be mine - I dreamed it, but I never allowed myself to fully believe it.  I didn't want the disappointment.  I had lost her before, and I knew my heart couldn't take it.

But, now she is mine.  God works miracles.  The circumstances leading up to each of my kids' adoptions are miraculous, each one was brought to us in such a unique way - at times when we were looking in completely different directions.  I have no doubt that each of these kids were ours from the start.  God moved mountains for us, and continues to amaze us in His support and care for each obstacle we come across.

If you are in the middle of an adoption, or just searching for how to build your family, I want you to know that there is hope.  It might not all look the way you originally envisioned it, it will be hard fought - but it will be SO much better than any original plan you had!

"Who brings our chaos back into order?  Who makes the orphans our sons and daughters?  The King of Glory!  The King above all Kings!"  - Phil Wickham

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